Your dentistry combines esthetics and function, now your instrumentation can too!

The AD2 System: Tomorrow’s Dental Articulation… Today

AD2 products are recognized around the world as exceptionally precise, durable and affordable……the standard of excellence that is raising the bar in dental offices and clinics everywhere.

Individually or as an all-inclusive system, the AD2 Dental Articulator, MCD (Measures Condyle Displacement), Facebow and accessories are designed not just to keep you up-to-date but on the very leading edge of articulation technology.

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We understand how important it is to "kick the tires" before you buy a car....why should mounting plates be any different? Let us know what articulators you work with, and we'll ship you free pairs of mounting plates to test drive. Simply include the brand names of the articulators you're using, your address and contact information, and AD2 will ship you free plates! It's that simple!