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Hinge Axis Recorder & Accessories

With the AD2 Hinge Axis Recorder, we’ve made it easier and more cost efficient than other axiograph recorders to capture mandibular movement.  Constructed of anodized aluminum and manufactured in the USA, our Hinge Axis Recorder incorporates the best design ideas from top orthodontists.

AD2 Hinge Axis Recorder
Fully Adjustable Side Arms

Smooth, thumb screw adjustments are used for both anterior/posterior and vertical movements. Stylus pins and marking pencils are easily installed in seconds with a turn of a screw.  And don’t worry about having to use rubber bands to hold the pencil lead in place…..all AD2 pencil lead holders come spring loaded for your convenience. 

One-Step Clutch Process

Incorporating a great idea from Dr. Ted Freeland,  we use a polished steel clutch plate combined with a biocryl suck-down that requires no plaster so doctors can make a clutch quickly while maximizing patient comfort.   Stackable discluders in 2mm thicknesses can be easily added as needed, depending on the patient’s bite.

Lightweight Flag Assembly

AD2 Hinge Axis Recorder
Using Teflon coated, anodized aluminum, we’ve designed a lightweight flag assembly that maximizes patient comfort. The arms adjust in all directions with a simple thumbscrew, and then neoprene and Velcro straps secure the assembly to the patient’s head.   We never lose sight of the simple conveniences, which is why we’ve used polished stainless steel flag support plates….no need for lubricant anymore to remove the adhesive flags.

AD2 Hinge Axis Recorder

The Complete Solution

You can always be confident that, with AD2, you’re purchasing a total solution so you can get to work the moment it’s delivered.  Our Hinge Axis Recorder comes complete with everything you need including the mounting stand, full recording system, and even multi-colored pencil leads.  All this comes packaged in a convenient plastic travel case that will make you wonder why you waited so long.

Hinge Axis Recorder Deluxe

Hinge Axis Recorder & Accessories - Hinge Axis Recorder Deluxe
Description: The AD2 Hinge Axis Recorder Deluxe System is exactly what you’d expect from us - a comprehensive system with everything you need for professional results. The system includes our HA750000 Hinge Axis Recorder as well as the AR330000 Complete Analog System.  When your system arrives, you'll enjoy the best of AD2 quality including adjustable side arms, spring-loaded lead holders, discluders, mounting stand, analogs with side shifts ranging from 0.5mm - 2.5mm and even multiple plaster retention rings for mounting models.
Dimensions: 19x13x8
Weight:  10.00
SKU: HA760000

Hinge Axis Recorder Deluxe

Hinge Axis Recorder & Accessories
Description: Our entry level Hinge Axis Recorder gives you everything you need to record the mandibular pathway quickly and economically. Start with this system to experience the simplicity of the AD2 system and add in the AR330000 analog system when you're ready.
Dimensions: 19 x 13 x 8
Weight:  9.00
SKU: HA750000

Hinge Axis Recorder Deluxe

Hinge Axis Recorder & Accessories - Hinge Axis Patient Graphs
Description: These convenient crack-and-peel graphs are for use with the AD2 Hinge Axis Recorder. Each pad consists of 5 adhesive sheets to service 15 patients. With squares marked in 1mm, 5mm and 10mm increments, reading your results has never been easier
Weight:  0.05
SKU: HA750090

Hinge Axis Recorder Deluxe

Hinge Axis Recorder & Accessories - Discluder 5 Pack
Description: With stackable, 2mm thick discluders, an extra long allen screw for use with the AD2 clutch plate and bracket all packaged in a convenient plastic vial, this 5 pack is a great addition to your AD2 hinge axis recorder.
Weight:  0.05
SKU: HA770005

Hinge Axis Recorder Deluxe

Hinge Axis Recorder & Accessories - Discluder 10 Pack
Description: Packaged in a convenient clear plastic vial, this discluder package has 10 stackable, 2mm thick discluders along with an extra long allen screw for use with the AD2 clutch plate and bracket.  
SKU: HA770010

Hinge Axis Recorder Deluxe

Hinge Axis Recorder & Accessories - Clutch Bracket Assembly
Description: When you have multiple patients in process, save time and headache with extra clutch brackets for use with our Hinge Axis Recorder.  
Weight:  0.20
SKU: HA750010

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