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Quick, Easy 3D Measurements

The MCD lines up on the same axis as the AD2 articulator, allowing the user to measure changes on a three-dimensional basis (anterior-posterior, vertical and transverse) from CR to CO when you place the models on the MCD with the CO bite.

This gives you critical diagnostic information when one of your basic treatment goals is seated condylar position – centric relation.

More Stable Splint Therapy

The MCD is perfect for following the condylar position change during splint therapy, providing an important indicator that the condylar position has achieved the stability level you desire.

Built-In Handling Ease and Convenience

The MCD comes with a handy mounting column to provide protection when not in use, and has side extensions at the incisal pin area for greater stability in the upper frame, making it easier to accurately place graph papers to measure the condylar change.

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MCD & Accessories
Weight:  2.50
SKU: MC100010
Price: $649.00 


MCD Patient Graphs

MCD & Accessories - MCD Patient Graphs

Who says “easy” and “precision” can’t be used in the same sentence?  Not only is our equipment easy to use, but so are the AD2 patient graphs.  With a convenient adhesive backing for use on the MCD, these graphs help record the three dimensional condylar position change from centric relation models (seated condyles) to centric occlusion.   With 25 sheets to a pad, "easy" just got easier.

Weight:  0.25
SKU: MC700000
Price: $16.95 


MCD Magnetic Support Column

MCD & Accessories - MCD Magnetic Support Column
Description: If you’ve made the move to magnetic mounting, go all the way with our magnetic support column for the MCD.  Precision molded in green plastic, this column will firmly hold your upper and lower MCD frames together when not in use.  Travel safe, store safe……we’ve got your back at AD2.
Weight:  0.50
SKU: MC170070
Price: $39.00 


MCD Data Sheets

MCD & Accessories - MCD Data Sheets

Providing great patient treatment can get involved, and AD2 can help you keep your data organized.  With our MCD Data Sheets, you’ve got a convenient method to manage hinge axis and MCD records, store data of condylar change during occlusal splint therapy and convert mandibular position centric occlusion headfilm to a mandibular position centric relation headfilm.

Weight:  0.50
SKU: MC700010
Price: $14.95 


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